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Re: Explorer Power Gain Problem

At 12:11 PM 3/15/96, Kevin C Houston wrote:
>> Now I remember.  I calculated the power the drive system would need for a one
>> secound boost, and assumed it would be consonstant for the flight.  I.E. if
>> it takes X watts to push the ship at a ship G for a secound.  Multiply that
>> by the number of secounds of boost to get to desired speed, and ....
>> Given that the engine should need to output the same power, to accelerate the
>> same mass, at the same rate, at diferent speeds.  It seems like it should
>> work.
>Sorry to burst your bubble, but if this is a mass based fuel system, then
>the mass of the fuel tank is going down constantly, and therefore the
>total mass of the ship is not the same

I know, that was the other reason I droped that methould of power calculation.



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