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Re: Argosy Mission Overhaul

To Brian,

>>The strength of us is that we are all different. Making us so different
>>takes many years. When you would simply preprogram us, we would all make 
>>same mistakes and die out quickly. (This isn't a complete arguement, but I
>>hope it makes you see that mass AI production may not be as nice as you
>Who said that all AI's (if that is indeed what we end up needing for 
>practical manned interstellar flight) are all of the same variant?

If you plan to mass-produce them, I assume there isn't time to give them
some experiences of their own (for humans that takes at least 10 years).
But maybe, this process can be speeded up. On the otherhand, if these AIs
can learn so fast, they soon will need to be smarter and then the learning
time goes up again. (Compare that to humans, if we all would live 10,000
years, we would think that everybody under 100 years was more or less a
child, even if those childs would be as smart as todays adults.)