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Re: Thanks

At 3:30 AM 3/14/96, DotarSojat@aol.com wrote:
>TO:   SSD Discussion Group                  March 13, 1996
>FROM: Rex Finke
>Thank you for including me in your design discussion group.
>Thanks also to Kelly Starks for the excellent summary; it
>indicates to me that you have made significant progress since
>week 29 (early Feb '95), which was the last Project Newsletter
>that I have read through.  I am familiar with most of your names
>from your contributions up to that point.
>Regarding my future contribution to "mail-box overflow," I'm not
>known to be wordy.  "Terse" is the usual complaint.  But in spite
>of my apparent age, I have not outgrown being an enthusiast, so
>you can expect active participation.  (Note: proper time is
>always less than apparent time.)
>I'll hold any other remarks until after I've digested Kelly's
>summary.  (I think I still should review all the old Newsletters;
>it may be just as important to find out what you don't know as to
>find out what you do know.)

Great, look forward to hearing from you Rex.  Really hoping you can help
fill in some blanks!

Welcome to the group.



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