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Re: Close but no cigar?

On Tue, 12 Mar 1996, Timothy van der Linden wrote:

> >> Power out: P=s T^4
> >
> >Is this the proper blackbody radiation formula?  Looks too simple to me.
> This is the Boltzmann equation, the Planck equation looks much more ugly and
> only tells the energy density per "delta wavelength". So one would need to
> integrate the latter (which doesn't seem easy).
I think you will have to.  Remember, the amount of IR will go up as the 
temp goes up. so as the sail heats up, the amount of radiated energy will 
increase also.  or does your formula show that?  I'm confused.

> Kevin suggested using Titanium because it is easy to mine on the moon.
> Since I haven't numbers about that I will use Wolfraam.

if we can't make it work for tungsten (W) we can't make it work for 
titainium (Ti)