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Re: New idea Laser launcher/scoop systems

At 3:11 PM 3/12/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>Goodmorning Kelly,
>>>OK, one thing though, wouldn't the aiming of the laser-tugs not be too
>>>diffucult? You need to aim with several meter accuracy on an object moving
>>>with velocities ranging upto 0.3c
>>Do you mean you think it would be difficult, or wouldn't be?
>Sorry, I meant that it would be difficult.
>>It might be very difficult, but I think the precision is possible.  (Not
>>that I have any experence to back that up.)  At least the angle would be
>Yes, that shallow angle makes it easier. But why not use one single laser?
>That lases could be just near the launch-site, just like when used in any of
>the Asimov designs.

I wanted to keep the range low.  Precisly stearing a canister with a laser
over 15 light minuttes away seemed to be pushing the likely accuracy and
beam convergence.  Besides having it pass between other laser tugs would
make corse corrections easier.  And multiple beams could accelerate
multiple canisters at once.

I notice no one has had the nerve to work up reaction mass ratios for a
system with a spec impulse of probably 2-4 thousand?  I haven't had the
nerve eaither.



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