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Re: New idea Laser launcher/scoop systems

At 5:40 PM 3/11/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>To Kelly,
>>> Oh, I thought that every tug/cannon ignited a new
>>> explosion. After such an explosion, it would take
>>> a few seconds to cool (or to dillute the plasma)
>>> before a new explosion could take place.
>>No, a cycle of pulses has some advantages over a continuous burn, but eiather
>>way would work. Given the power levels were assuming I think you could assume
>>the reaction material would be contiuously boiling off.
>OK, one thing though, wouldn't the aiming of the laser-tugs not be too
>diffucult? You need to aim with several meter accuracy on an object moving
>with velocities ranging upto 0.3c

Do you mean you think it would be difficult, or wouldn't be?

It might be very difficult, but I think the precision is possible.  (Not
that I have any experence to back that up.)  At least the angle would be



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