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Re: New idea Laser launcher/scoop systems

> >Although, I don't know what this program or the equation looks like, I've
> >serious doubts if they are right. This is because the numbers don't line
> >with my own and with Steve's calculations. (2 to 1)

> I checked his equation source and it is the right equation 
> for non-relativistic flight, I have the version for 
> relativistic flight if you want it. Actually his numbers 
> don't look to far off. Because of the extremely high specific
> impulses he listed, the mass ration is very low.

> However, I would like to know where his choices of 
> Specific Impulse I(sp) came from they look a little 
> outrageous.

Largely from the Papers by Bussard I sited in my web page (and some other
refs).  Bussards paper listed spec impulses of 1,400,000 with acceptable
thrust to weight (given some scaling efficencies and optimism).  He also
listed 1 - 2 order of mag improvements if 6Li or 3He systems.  I'm assuming
(after some confused calculations) that, that would translate to atleast a
2,500,000 spec imp system with usable thrust to weight in 50 years.