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> >>IDEA!  Why not skip converting the sunlight and just gather it directly
> >>lasers using these huge mirror apparatuses that I'm proposing.  The
> >>aroundSol would need to be heavy to keep from getting blown away, but
> >>okay.

> I mentioned this to Kelly some time ago, but didn't send it to every one
> else. There was an article published in Scientific American about 10 or 15
> years ago where someone had figured out how to make a MECHANICAL (that's
> what you call it when it only uses mirrors)Solar Pumped Laser. Some sort of
> spiral collector/intensifier with flute shaped collimators.

> Anyway, without any moving parts it is capagle of generating a visible
> laser from the Sun the only part I don't get is how you can have a
> polychromatic laser in the first place, since by definition a laser is
> monochromatic...

> Anyway, since there is no conversion the only loss would be to thermal
> heating from internal absorption, it should be very efficient. And real
> CHEAP to build.

Ah, thats what you were refuring to!  

The solar pumped laser works by using the sun light to excite a lasing medium
that then lases in a visible light frequency.  Unfortunatly I think most of
he energy is lost as wast heat.  Given the amount of power were talking
about, that could fry a lot of lasers.