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Re: New idea Laser launcher/scoop systems

>> I did some extra calculations, it seems that electrons have a centrifugal
>> accleration of about 1E10 m/s/s when rotating about an atom-core. If we are
>> going to accelerate things so fast, atoms are going to be ionized. This
>> means no ordinairy matter could be used.
>Well, I suppose we only really wanted the nucleous anyway...

Not if you want to use canisters.

>> So in short, you use a accelerator build up from several loose cannons in a
>> path spaced through our Solar system.
>Cannons?  I don't follow.

I assumed the tugs where a laser cannons.

>> Changing the distances between accelerations may decrease the mean
>> acceleration but not the instant acceleration. I think it is the latter
>> that we need to be concerned about.
>No, the canisters would be undergoing contiuous boost for the entire launch
>track.  (Well, their might be a secound or two gap when one laser tug hand
>off to the next.)

Oh, I thought that every tug/cannon ignited a new explosion. After such an
explosion, it would take a few seconds to cool (or to dillute the plasma)
before a new explosion could take place.