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Re: Orbit B

To Kevin,

>Note, the decell beam (==) will be red-shifted, but that's okay, beacuse 
>when Asimov plows into it, it will blue-shift it  :)
>                          ~A  <======================                R
>Stage five: Asimov uses the decell beam to slow down to Target star.

I'm sorry when you were talking about a asteroid, I was thinking you meant a
1 kilometre one. I'm still wondering if you really need an asteroid, my
guess is that the mirror itself will be solid enough.

You have managed to overcome the problem of a forward and backward moving
beam in the same lane. But by solving that problem you added another (how
could it have been different) namely that the distance between mirror and
our ship has been lengthened by I think at least 4 ly.

So, on the one hand an advantage and on the other a disadvantage. But I've
the feeling that on the whole there is an increase of advantage.