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Re: Re: Summary A

Timothy van der Linden

> To Kelly,

> >> Huh, even 15 years ago 1 Mb of memory would be payable 
> >> for such a big organization.
> >
> >Not for a radiation hardened, custom military computer.  The memory wasn't
> >chips.  It was in magnetic cores (little dounuts of feric somthing or
> >with wires runing threw it.

> Yes, I've seen these magnetic memories (at least you can see the bits
> But were that the mem-chips of 15 years ago? (Am I that old already?)

No, but it was the memory of 30-40 years ago when the computers were built.

> >The guys who programed them HATED them!

> yeah, 256 kb is not too much.

> But are todays Shuttles still having the same amount of memory?

They upgraded them to 256 chip ram.  I think?