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Re: <Two bits worth

to Timothy van der Linden

> To Kelly,
> >> Sounds like a big mess, are they working towards balencing the budget or
> >> hasn't there changed anything during the last years?
> >
> >Big mess!  Then on top of that you have investigations of criminal
> >and coruption in the President, 1st lady, and white house staff.  (Working
> >down town I got lots of jucy rumors from friends of saff.  The Clintons
> >known as the nastiest first couple in memory.)
> >
> >Not much is happening.  At least now balencing the budget is a serious
> >intention. And since congress signs the checks.  No project gets new money
> >without something geting cut.  
> >
> >This November is another election.  Good odds thatr the current president
> >won't get reelected.  See what happens after that.

> Those elections are a circus on themselves. Everytime 
> when I see them on the tele, I start thinking that 
> everybody in the US must be crazy.

In the U.S. no.  In Washington, yes.  I've heard of people who demand special
tratment at check out counters because their husband knows a congressional

Most of the country thinks the elections are a circus, but where else do
clowns go to show off.  ;)

> >Really.  I don't know how long it was before I noticed you were dutch.  I
> >have a dog who's ansestors were nearly whiped out by one of your political
> >werdnesses!  ;)  (Keeshond)

> Yeah, thats a long time ago, I don't remember much about 
> it from my history classes.

Well, I guess its good my dog doesn't hold a grudge.  ;)

> >The organization is clueless, and I hate the city.  Expect a new job for
> >this summer.

> Do you already have a clue what kind of job it is going to be?