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Re: <Two bits worth

to Timothy van der Linden

> To Kelly

> >> Is NASA changing its policies to become a bit more 
> >> commercial? (I'm a bit lost about what became of the 
> >> critical time, when the US government had no

> >the money to do that.  So they are trying to become partners with
> > They aren't very good at it yet.

> Do I hear some irony? :)

Biter irony.

> >The federal worker latoff was just a argument between the new congress and
> >the president.  The new guys got voted in to do big changes, and the
> >on their voters wish list was balencing the budget, and shrink the size of
> >the government.  Our president said he wanted to do that, but refused to
> >participate or sign the budgets.  So after a few months Congress refused
> >authorise fund extensions without a signed budget, or promise that he
> >(president) would seriously work toward one.  He said yes, they opened
> > He didn't follow through, they closed gove.  After a few weeks they gave
> >and the government is runing without an official budget.

> Sounds like a big mess, are they working towards balencing the budget or
> hasn't there changed anything during the last years?

Big mess!  Then on top of that you have investigations of criminal missdeads
and coruption in the President, 1st lady, and white house staff.  (Working
down town I got lots of jucy rumors from friends of saff.  The Clintons are
lniown as the nastiest first couple in memory.)

Not much is happening.  At least now balencing the budget is a serious
intention. And since congress signs the checks.  No project gets new money
without something geting cut.  

This November is another election.  Good odds thatr the current president
won't get reelected.  See what happens after that.

> >For the workers it was a paid vacation followed by a a lot of work to
> >up on.

> Isn't that were vacations are made for? ;)

Yeah, the layoff was so stressfull. When they came back to work they called
in sick. ;)

> > But then NASA decided, after awarding the contract, to change the
> >to only have a third as many people.  Since I was a senior person I was
> >expensive, so they canceled their job offer (two weeks before I was
> >to start!  Happy thanksgiving holiday for me!) .

> Senior, what is your age then? What kind of job do you have now at
> (I'm really amazed that we write since such a long time now, but still know
> so little about each other)

> Greetings Tim

Really.  I don't know how long it was before I noticed you were dutch.  I
have a dog who's ansestors were nearly whiped out by one of you political
werdnesses!  ;)  (Keeshond)

As of December I'm 39.  Im a senior systems engineer at Magnavox working on a
system for the militaries new 'digital battlefield'.  Well actually I'm doing
NOTHING!  Which is why I respond so fast to E-mail sent to my office.  The
organization is clueless, and I hate the city.  Expect a new job for me this