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Re: Re: Summary A

Timothy van der Linden

> >> >Actually the shuttles data limits were a constant problem, even safty
> >> >problem.
> >
> >> Do you know why they didn't replace them? Or was 
> >> replacing them an even bigger safety problem?
> >
> >No, they just didn't have the money.  Which was why they were using 1960's
> >B-52 bomber computers with 4K of RAM.   K!

> Huh, even 15 years ago 1 Mb of memory would be payable 
> for such a big organization.

Not for a radiation hardened, custom military computer.  The memory wasn't in
chips.  It was in magnetic cores (little dounuts of feric somthing or other)
with wires runing threw it.

The military wouldn't use them anymore.  So they could be declasified for
civilian use.


The guys who programed them HATED them!