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Re: <Two bits worth

To Kelly

>> Is NASA changing its policies to become a bit more 
>> commercial? (I'm a bit lost about what became of the 
>> critical time, when the US government had no
>> money to pay its employers a while ago.) I also remember
>>  you changing jobs.
>NASA's supposed to be handing over busness to comercial firms and triming its
>own staffs down. In the old days they'ld try to build a custom craft for the
>own use then hunt down and crush potential competitors.  Now they don't have
>the money to do that.  So they are trying to become partners with industry.
> They aren't very good at it yet.

Do I hear some irony? :)

>The federal worker latoff was just a argument between the new congress and
>the president.  The new guys got voted in to do big changes, and the highest
>on their voters wish list was balencing the budget, and shrink the size of
>the government.  Our president said he wanted to do that, but refused to
>participate or sign the budgets.  So after a few months Congress refused to
>authorise fund extensions without a signed budget, or promise that he
>(president) would seriously work toward one.  He said yes, they opened gov.
> He didn't follow through, they closed gove.  After a few weeks they gave up,
>and the government is runing without an official budget.

Sounds like a big mess, are they working towards balencing the budget or
hasn't there changed anything during the last years?

>For the workers it was a paid vacation followed by a a lot of work to catch
>up on.

Isn't that were vacations are made for? ;)

> But then NASA decided, after awarding the contract, to change the contract
>to only have a third as many people.  Since I was a senior person I was more
>expensive, so they canceled their job offer (two weeks before I was supoose
>to start!  Happy thanksgiving holiday for me!) .

Senior, what is your age then? What kind of job do you have now at Magnavox? 
(I'm really amazed that we write since such a long time now, but still know
so little about each other)

Greetings Tim