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Re: Re: Summary A

Brian Mansur

> From: KellySt
> What we need to do is difinitively establish the health risks involved in 
> beaming power via microwaves to Earth.  If it is safe (and the public and 
> congress can be convinced of this), we should have companies falling over 
> themselves to get huge arrays into space where power can be tapped almost 
> twentfour hours a day if the orbit is geostationary.

Politically, trying to convince people that Microwave sats arn't going to
cook them alive.  The ecogroups will play on that to stop the program (some
because they fear it, others because they fear clean power).  The companies
got burned on Nuclear power, and in a world awash with cheap fossil fuels
(which they are allowed to use) they are not going to be interested in an
expensive exotic new power sources.