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Re: <Two bits worth

At 07:03 PM 3/3/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Several groups are.  Problem is NASA can't decide if it really wants a new
>launcher built that will make the shuttle look stupid (even if it saves the
>agencies bacon), or just try to twist things into a long term technology
>X34 start as a com,pany program that wanted to use NASA test equip.  Then
>NASA took it over and opened it up for a sham compatative bid.  That awarded
>it to the origional companies.  Then NASA tried to take it over and redefine
>it the way they wanted it to be done.  The companies got madder and madder.
> Then decided it was 'uneconomical'.
>The X-33 SSTO program (which is the expected shuttle and expendable
>replacement) is having similart problems with NASA, but NASA can't afford to
>have it fail.  But they may want it to even at the cost of the agency.  But
>if NASA is destryied, there's noone else to prevent private launch services,
>so that market should incresse a lot.
That is only part of the problem. The original mission of the X-34 as
defined by the companies that were involved was problematically doable.
Unfortuneately, as NASA became more involved with the program, the mission
paramaters began to change unders NASA'a influence to encompass more amd
more requirements until the companies realized that they could not meet all
of the requirements with the X-34 and still realize a commercially useful
launch vehicle. 

In other words, Dr. Jekyl became Mr. Hyde...then in a fit of remorse, killed

Although this same scenario can happen to the X-33, it is not as likely. Or
at least it wasn't until the X-34 was cancelled. Now that the X-34 program
is gone, the many headed hydra may cast elsewhere for fresh victims...

I agree that NASA needs to be removed from the commercial launch picture.
Unless and until we have a large, robust commercial space presence, all our
plans will come to naught.

Lee Parker
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