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>>I'll tell you right now that it will take you at least fifty years to think
>>up and build the support systems for another faster ship.  Live with 50
>>years or else we don't go at all!
>Oh really?  It took less than 50 years to go from the Wright Brothers flier
>to  supersonic flight; or from the first mass market cars to the exodus
>from the cities to the constructed subburbias.  Come to think of it we are
>now celibrating the 50 year of the computer.
>50 years is a long time in technology.  Also remember that fifty years
>would put this mission into the 22nd century!  By then phisisists will have
>discovered a lot more tricks then Anti-matter.  They might have thought of
>warp drives for all we know.  (Well actually they already thought of them,
>but have no practical idea how to do them.)
Hmm, didn't I try to explain that warp-drives a la StarTrek would not be
possible (ie. without much time-dilation)?

>If your 60 years patent, you probably aren't interested enough to pay the
>big bill for this stuff.

I don't think that is fair to say, since no one has started such a project
50 years ago.