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Brian 1:00 PM 3/5/96

> By 2050 a lot of these mutterings
>will be hardened theories, and our designs will look like a Saturn-V the
>size of a mountain fueled by burning coal.
>But, if you don't know what we'll get, you got to plan conservativly.
>I'm hoping that conservative includes future automated industry that makes
>today's automated factories look like how the first English factories do
>compared to today's.

>I'm kind of dubious on that one.  You are talking about fully self
>replicating machines, constructing power transmitters with billions of
>times the power of Earths current electric grid, and and mirrors the size
>of planets, all fielded in 50 years.  I'ld kind of think that was a non
>conservative assumption.

Point taken.  But I think it is obvious that given what we know now and what 
we are capable of imagining with that knowledge, a currently 
non-conservative assumption is about the best we can do.  Doesn't mean we'll 
stop trying
though! :)

[Much more discussion deleted]

>>Then how do you slow down the packaged mirrors without the pathfinder
>>rockets?  Or is this the expendable set?  I'm confused.
>The decel mirrors are expendable.  Again, considering the automation level
>of the civilization necessary just to put together such mirrors and maser
>arrays to launch them, I'm not worried about the cost.

>I've noticed the cost isn't discused much by us.  Stark raving fear 

You bet!  Scuse me I have to go to class.