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From: Steve VanDevender
To: kgstar
Cc: Steve VanDevender; Brian Mansur; David; hous0042; KellySt; lparker; 
rddesign; T.L.G.vanderLinden
Subject: Re: MARS HYBRID DESIGN II (First Draft)
Date: Tuesday, March 05, 1996 10:38AM

Brian 12:50 PM CT 3/5/96

 >I think it's a good rule of thumb to have less quoted material
 > >than comments in a reply.
 > Well it least cut it down to little more then whats nessisary to 
 > the comment.
>Which you didn't do above; you left in all the stuff about orbital
>mechanics which wasn't at all relevant to your comment.
>Please, people, think for a change.
We all do need to try to cut down on message volume.  We all have only so 
much time to sift through the script to find the relevant info and reply. 
 But for many of us, I think, that same time crunching forces us to give 
some of our documents "lip service" when proofreading.  Bottom line, we'll 
have to be patient with each other, but we do need to try and be considerate 
at the same time.

Personal apologies to Steve who really hated it when I sent a BMP file back 
when I joined the group in January.