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At 10:03 AM 3/5/96, Brian Mansur wrote:
>Brian 9:56 CT 3/5/96
>>Just rambling.
>>Interesting point about Star travel.  The whole idea of the radio search of
>>the galaxy is that phyisical star travel is impossible.  So civilizations
>>would have to content themselves with randomly transmiting (possibly for
>>hundreds of thousands of years!), until someone in the galaxy decides to
>>listen and reply.  We have shown that it is possible; not practical yet,
>>but possible.  Given that what civilization would wait hundreds of
>>thousands of years for an answer, when they could just go look for
>>So in a way, we haven't come up with a doable concept yet, but we've done
>>better than Carl Sagen and friends.
>So how does it feel to be on the cutting edge ;) of starship design?  What's
>sad is that we are the only ones who really look at this problem from at
>least a semi-real perspective.  And whats sadder is that we're finding that
>we have to be completely unrealistic (by today's tech standards) to think up
>anything that would get us to TC.

Well there have been some serious attempt to do this.  They ran into most
of the same problems.  But, we've stuck at it longer, and are more widely
visible given the web.  So we might keep more discusion going.



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