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>From Brian

Brian Says:
>Here it is: the detailed design I promised (as detailed as I can make it at 

>the moment anyway).  But first: does the "interstellar drive group"
>selection that I now see on my address book  now account for everyone in 
>discussion team?  Okay, on with the show.

Tim Says:
>This "kgstar <kgstar@most.magec.com>" address is just Kelly at his work.
>You missed "jim@bogie2.bio.purdue.edu"
>Why didn't you just copy the list I sent you a while ago?

I'll use that list from now on when I'm just composing mail.  Thanks for the 

Brian Says:
>MARS HYBRID DESIGN II (Kevin already submitted the first this morning)
>Total mission time: 50+ years

Tim Says:
>Seems quite long, can it also be done in a shorter time?

Only if the doplar shift on the mirror redirecting the maser beam to Asimov 
doesn't concern you.  Frankly I don't yet have a good concept as to what 
kind of trouble this doplar shift would give us as our reflecting mirror 
approaches c.

An added note is that some may be concerned about aiming the reflector. 
 This shouldn't be a real problem if we are using those waveguide gyros that 
Kevin has assumed.

Brian Says:
>     At least one heavy pathfider vessel will be sent before the Asimov
>using  maser sail to reach a terminal velocity of 1/3c.  Pathfinder carries 

>several thousand, heavy duty, heavy weight, individually targetable,
>disassembled mirror arrays that will be deployed roughly 30 years later 
>TC (see reflectors in an upcoming posting).  These arrays (probably making
>an effective 1000 km+ wide reflector) will reflect maser energy back to the 

>Asimov for the deceleration phase.  The Pathfinder may or may not have a
>crew depending on the level of automation available at the time of launch.
> Also, it may or may not carry emergency supplies for the Asimov should 
>choose to match speed and dock during the deceleration phase.

Tim Says:

>How are you going to stop this pathfinder, or are the mirrors moving 
>TC with v=1/3c ?

The mirrors are disposable (a pity) and yes they are headed toward TC 
general vicinity.

Tim Says:
>And in advance to your next letter, do the mirrors focus the maser-beam or
>do the reflect it "straight" back?

Hopefully we can construct them to do both.