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Re: My Two Bits Ain't Worth 1E-15 (Take 2)

>Brian Says
>>>By the way, Kevin, I believe, was worried about the a redirecting mirror
>>>gaining too much speed related to the Asimov during the redirecting of the 
>>>maser beam.  That problem can be handled by putting some sort of weight 
>>>on the mirror.
>Tim Says
>>Yes, but then that weight has to be accelerated too during the starting
>>phase. So while gaining something on the one end, one looses something on
>>the other end.
Brian Says
>Just accelerate at a slower rate.

Tims Says
That means a longer trip and if we want the same end-velocity, the energy
has to be beamed over a longer path.
And we are not talking about a little bit more weight, assuming fusion fuel
we should at least count with a ship that is 5 times heavier (assuming
end-velocity of less than 0.3c).