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>Hum, this is eiather total bull, or a big break through.  Given that it
>hasn't hit the normal media yet (I mean after a few months it should have
>come out) I'm suspisious.

As far as I know this is not something of the last month. Already since 1989
things are "boiling" (literally). Only the last few years, the phenomenon
seems to be replicable. The electrodes that are used have special
properties, it's not like a chemical battery where almost pair of metals
will work.
In the article someone spoke about "free energy", I think that is not the
case, it isn't energy out of the blue, most people think that is indeed
fusion. Some claim an increased amount of Helium that is formed during the

I must agree with you that I am a bit skeptic, not about the phenomenon but
about the fact that the media haven't really showed interest. I could be
though that most are scared to mention the term "cold fusion" again. Or even
worse, they already think it is nonsense and don't show any interest at all.

Anyway the coming days I will check out some web-sites about it. Oh yeah, I
read that there are already more than 100 patents about cold-fusion
applications (so one would be able to replicate them).