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Read this

Hi all,

I found something on a NASA ftp-site:


The total size is 111 Kb. I added the introduction of this article so that
you can see if you already know it or to make you curious..

Canonical List of Space Transport and Engineering Methods

Version 0.75		   28 Jun 1994


This document is a list of all known space transport methods and some
space engineering methods.  It includes only those methods whose
underlying physical principles are understood (i.e. no warp drives as in
Star Trek).  It is the product of a number of years of collecting -
and occasionally inventing - them.

I am motivated by a desire to see civilization expand into space and my
frustration by the slow pace of progress at the current time.  Most current
space vehicles and projects use techniques that existed in the 1950's and
1960's.  Some new ideas were developed as early as 1960, but have not
been put into used even today.	From the 1970's to today many additional
ideas have been generated. Most of these have received scant attention.
By disseminating information on these ideas, I hope others will realize
the vast untapped potential contained in these ideas.

This draft (version 0.75) lists all the concepts I am aware of, with at
least a basic description of each.  As you can tell by the version number,
which is less than one, this is still very much a work in progress.  Later
versions of this document are intended to flesh out each method with
improved descriptions and current references.  If you know of a method
which is not on this list, I would appreciate being informed of it.  If
you have references or text descriptions on a concept, they would be
appreciated also.

Some related information on the basics of space transport, the forces and
energies used, and space project engineering are included.  Editorial
comments and material that needs lots of editing appear in square brackets.

The document contains the following sections:

Section A: Basics of Space Transport
Section B: Propulsive Forces List
Section C: Energy Sources List
Section D: Propulsion Concepts List
Section E: Space Engineering Methods
Section F: General References