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Re: Re: Summary B

To Kevin,

>Tim, why not have a torroidal accelerator with a straight aiming track?  
>The particles could go around the track many times before being thrown 
>out into space.  That would make it a smaller device

I assumed that this would increase complexity, since more magnets are needed
since the particles want to move in a straight line instead of as circle.
Besides this minor problem, I don't think that a torroidal accelerator could
accelerate particles continuously but only in small shots. This is because
it only can accelerate a localize group of particle moving at one speed.
Thus a whole bunch of particle moving at speeds ranging from 1/1000 c to
1/10 c would be a major problem, because they all would move along each
other (or worse collide inside the torroid).

>Tim gets the ability to manufacture and store whatever amount of 
>anti-matter is required.  If anti-matter is manufactured in target 
>system, 50% effeiciency is assumed  (make 1 Kg matter for every Kg 
>Antimatter)  E=mC^2.  

I was already looking around for more info about anti-matter.

>Fuck the CDA

I think that is not allowed to be written...