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Re: I found the food numbers!

To Kelly

>> Any high quantity of radiation of the latter two classes is likely to
>> cause degradation of the food over time.
>Unless of course the fusion fuel you specified doesn't produce neutrons.  Off
>hand I can't think of a Gama source on the ship, unles we use antimater.  In
>that case we have a very hard radiation problem in general.

I did not mean the radiation hazard of the engine, but the cosmic radiation,
since we were talking about shielding. As far as I know Steve was only
trying to make clear which kind of radiation could or could not affect the food.

>We might have more problems with cosmic radiation, especially on fast ships.
> But given the tolerance of the food vs the human crew I don't, think, it
>will be a problem.  Certainly less than with a farm where the food has to be
>kept healthy to grow.

May well be, but this whole discussion started because you suggested that
stored food would not need shielding.