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Re: Anti-matter

Reply to Brian:

>Has anyone heard anything on the progress of making anti-hydrogen?  I read 
>in a Discovery Mag article that someone was going to give it a serious go at 
>it last fall.

Yes, at least I did read it somewhere, unfortunately the process to make
anti-hydrogen is not as efficient as we would like. They only made 7 atoms. 
And I'm not sure yet if it would be easier to have matter or ions.
There is something though that may give anti-particles a real impact. Some
theories say that they may have anti-gravity. It is yet not possible to
experimentally verify that, but in a few years an experiment can be done.

You said that you had not time yet to collect all names of the MiniLIT
members. They are in the header of every letter but depending on your
mail-program that may not be visible. So I added them for you here. Do you
know already what aliases are, if not, try figuring it out, it makes mailing
to many people a lot easier.