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Re: Recycling/AI and super human computers

To Tim

>>> Maybe we should make them just smart enough to do 
> >>> the dirty jobs. And use only a few with IQ 1000 to think. 
> >
> >;)  You can't hide forever.  Best to come out a deal with things as theyt
> >happen, not try to lock yourself into a safe past.
> It's not lock yourself, it's protecting yourself. It's like saying, why not
> do any kind of genetic experiment, you can't stop it anyway.

We will do genetic experimentation, and A.I. because both are very
important/valuble.  In both cases we will try to be carefull and will make
mistakes.  Thats just life.  Trying to put some wall that you can only make
stupid A.I.s (assuming we had some way to control that) would be clumbsy and
impractical.  Probably as dangerous as a hostile hi I.Q. A.I..

> Of course smart computers are not necessary dangerous, maybe they 
> LIKE to help us out. If they are convinced that we are not just 
> annoying bugs, then the problem may not be that worse.

Humans are a very adaptable species.  We will probably be worth trading with.
 If not we have no obvious point of friction, so an intelegent A.I. species
that didn't like us, would just leave.  (Thou a stupid one might try world

Are you this paranoid about aliens?  How would you deal with a hyper evolved
E.T.?  If you don't think we'ld be able to deal with domestic aliens of our
own creation, how can we deal with ultra-E.T.s?

> >>> Yes, I found some info about another CRAY having max 1.2 TFLOPS.
> >
> >Ok, so we have the electronic brains.  Now for the minds!
> As soon as the structure of the brain and its input is ready the mind will
> follow automatically.
> The input is something that a lot of people forget. I think for any brain
> start working, the input should be sufficiently high. And if we want a
> computer that is least likely to kill us and most likely to understand us,
> we should make its senses similar to ours.

Ready?  I suppose we could just CAT scan in someones brain and have it
emulate it.

> I think there is another possibility to control the AI, we let it "live" in
> a virtual reality, which is created by us. So every action the AI
> will not be a real one (so no harm to us), but since we can control it's
> input it may never know that it is not real.

You forget.  It isn't a physical creature, it is a data construct.  A
'virtual reality' would be very alien to it.  It would probably bypass it to
the more natural binary data space.  Our physical world of time and space
could seem very alien.  Other concepts, like death, have caused some
confusion for advanced A.I. prototypes.