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Re: I found the food numbers!

to Timothy van der Linden

> Now we found that rations for field troops or explorers weighed about 2.2
>kilos per day (.8 tons per year) and dehydrated could be a lot less.  But
>over all; 36 tons per person is about 21 years of food mass at their 1.67
>tons per year, or 45  food years at our .8 tons per year.  I'm not even
>going to bother with freeze dried numbers.  We won't want to be out that
>long!  Even if you assume no soil.  The mass is still 14 tons per person.
>Which comes to 8.38 year of 1.67 tons per year food years, or 17.5 years at
>our .8 tons per year.  Then I realized that the farm design required
>doubling the internal volume of the hab centrifuge. Which would add another
>20 to 230 tons per person!  (the latter if you shielded the farm

>> Would stored food need no protection against radiation? I'm not sure how
much  and if the food would become radioactive. But if it does, it may need
shielding too.  <<

No. Food would only become radioactive if radioactive particals were mixed in
with it.  Xrays and stuff would cause no perminent change.  Thou it would
keep longer.  Its actually been tested as a food preservative, and works.