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>> There are only 100-200 people needed to operate a submarine and they are
>> able to live more than 1 year isolated from the outside world.

>Submarines are much simpler than carriers, and they seldom operate more than
>3 months without coming into port.  Actually I can't think of one ever going
>a year submurged?  (RICK!! ??)

OK, guys. Here is what I know. The USS Triton, ( The only 2 reactor US
submarine) Sailed around the world submerged. They did have to come to a
"deck awash" situation what an ill crew member had to be airlifted off) So,
26,000 miles submerged. The boat I was on, (USS Flasher, SS(N)613) was
operated on two month cruises although we carried food for 140 days. I
understand todays boats do 3 month cruises. We suffered from "big eye"
during our trips. This means that after a month or so we were slept out. Had
read the majority of the books brought aboard and has seen all the GOOD
movies we took with us. Knowing we were to enter port in 2 to 3 weeks made
the crew antsy and wanting to see family members again. Cleaning up the for
entering port took a fair amount of time also. Usually was deligation from
ComSubPac would come aboard as soon as we docked so the Capt. and XO wanted
the place pretty. I'm sure the present day crews go through the same
processes. Even at 600' todays boats, most is missile compartment, still
don't have enough privete spaces for much longer time periods. Crews are
about 250, mine was 113 in a 292' hull. If the 300' of missile compartment
was converted into rec areas, private rooms. movie theaters. you could
possibly have a crew of 300 or so the could do a year underwater.