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Re: Hands and brains

>>Well it takes 10,000 to operate an aircraft carrer, and far more than that to
>>maintain it.  Add in other professions to maintain the entire civilization
>>needed to support them, and you get millions.
>Are there 10,000 people on one single "boat"?
>There are only 100-200 people needed to operate a submarine and they are
>able to live more than 1 year isolated from the outside world.

The average Aircraft Carrier today has a crew of around 5000. I'm not sure
of the number but about 1/2 are there to take care of the planes and fly
them. 1/2 of the other 1/2 are there to maintain the systems to launch and
retrieve the planes. The rest run the ship. During Viet Nam some carrier had
up to 8000 crew.

Most of the crewing of Naval ships is to take care of battle losses. Only
1/3 of a crew could sail and fight the ship for a limited amount of time.