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Re: Alien bacteria and biosphere II

Re: Dave L's Bio hazzard post

> Yes, the worst possible scenario: they kill us off, and we
> kill them off.

Well that would sour kill NASA's funding!  ;)

> Of course, this assumes that alien life would be based off
> of DNA.  I assume it will be - but I suppose there could
> conceivably be other structures which could self-replicate,
> compact themselves, and do all of the other things DNA
> does...

> If alien life ISN'T based on DNA, it would be unlikely that
> biocontamination would occur in either direction.  Chemical
> reactions (i.e. allergies, as someone - - Kelly? - - noted
> earlier) would be the biggest problem...
> David
Folks, only Viruses care what the DNA of the victum is.  Bacteria, molds,
fungus -- in short every infectious desease that can be cured by
anti-biotics.  Are only interested in humans as a protean and amino acid