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Re: Chit-chat Absolutly _NO_ Tech Data

>Ric wrote:
>>I work in the biotechnology industry and we use the metric system all the
>>time. Metric isn't hard you just have to use it.
>Yes, but before one can use it he should know the approximate size.
>By the way, I thought you worked in your own bead-store, or is that the job
>of your wife?

I have worked in the Biotech industry for the last 11 years. Deni and I
started our bead business 6 years ago. We run it as a "side business" from
our home. We advertise in magazines and on the internet. ( Check out our
homepage in "Homepages for the homeless" Go to the bottom of the screen and
do a search under the letter "D" )  I'd much rather be selling beads. :-) 

>>As for Chains, i was not aware that the unit existed, how long is it, and 
>>what is the unit of force if you accelerate a one slug mass at g0 for a 
>>length of one chain?  :)
>1 chain=20 yards     1 fulong=10 chains    1 mile=8 furlongs

I just learned something. :-)

>Ah well, I wonder how the English system has survived so long, but I also
>wonder where the SI-system came from (and I don't mean from France where it
>was officialized)

Change is coming.  Canada went metic many years ago but I have over heard
construction workers still taking about  2 X 4 lumber instaed of in metric