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To Kevin

Tim replies to Kevin:

>My point about the amish, is that by sticking to a particular point in 
>developement (whether that point is 1840's, 1900's, 1940' or 2000's 
>doesn't matter) one can significantly reduce the amount of "effort" 
>needed to keep the society going.  Add to that the fact that much of 
>earth-bound technology is _deliberately_ inefficient, and I think we can 
>get much better than a ten or one hundred fold reduction in personal.  I 
>think we could get that, just by standardizing the equipment, and 
>roboticizing much of the routine jobs.

Indeed, a lot of extra work is done because of all different brands that
want to make their product just that much different that is impossible to
use each others parts. On TC we won't make 20 sorts of beer or wine (Just an
example, I'm not suggesting that a brewery is build). All members of the
crew have to give up some of their personal preferences.

>I also think your warehouse vs farm numbers are off, as in your farm 
>estimates, you are assumeing some kind of soil, and not taking into 
>account hydroponics.  without the soil, the weight goes down drastically, 
>since the water can be re-cycled endlessly.

>Kevin in the frozen North

Yes, what from what I hear on the news, you have to create a selfsufficient
community if you want to survive.