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Re: Engineering Newsletter

> From KellySt@aol.com Wed Jan 17 05:25:15 1996
> Obviously if the
> organization is doing something critical its usually kept minimally gummed
> up.  But given that this project can't in anyway be considered critical, it
> would be unlikely to get clear of that.
So - let us make it critical!
Say, poke the Sol a little to show symptoms of becoming a nova...  ;-))

Seriously, I am afraid it will become critical after some time - 
but then, who will spot it and have enough guts 
(see our discussion on one-way missions...) 
to draw the proper conclusions (and start the actions)...  :-(

-- Zenon

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     - that's not me (at least, I do not know about it),
     but apparently some other guy (if a guy it is... ;-)).
     Did you ever have got any answer from him?  -- ZK