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Re: Engineering Newsletter

> From KellySt@aol.com Fri Jan 12 03:34:37 1996
> [...]
> No its more fundamental than that.  Theirs just too many people.  The more
> people the more corrdination efforts.  For example I worked in the Space
> Station Freedom headquarters along with a few thousand other people.  NONE of
> us actually worked on the space station.  We worked to coordinate information
> between all the groups.  The more people, the harder it is to keep everyone
> informed.  On a big goverment project, everyone has to know what everyone
> else is doing.  The more agencies, the more paths of interaction.  Since
> governments tend to demand everything is monitored to the finest detail.  The
> vast bulk (maybe 80%-90%) of the group effort is in meeting and reports to
> keep everyone else informed.
The key phrase is:  
"Since governments tend to demand everything
[, everything] is monitored to the finest detail",
not the 
"just too many people".
80%-90% of this "coordination" is not necessary.
Did all people involved really READ (with attention)
ALL that "coordination" stuff?
Put the task as a question of survival
(of the humanity, of the company, of the people involved...)
instead of as a government project that must be reported back 
in all, important or not, details - and the effectiveness 
rises several times (if not orders of magnitude...).

-- Zenon