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Re: Engineering Newsletter

Timothy replies to David:

>I'm sorry, Timothy - I didn't make myself clear enough.
>All I meant was that it seemed like every now and then
>people were thinking "Why, really, are we doing this
>when we're not even sure of the reason for the trip...
>We haven't even explored our own solar system yet..."
>or any number of other lines of thought.  I just didn't
>want people too discouraged.  Of COURSE it's an interesting
>question, and I certainly realize the impact a one- or
>two-way trip would have on the mission.  I guess all I'm
>really saying is that we should pick some reason for
>going (even if it means deciding between several possibilities
>at random), stick with it and say "How would we do the
>trip assuming THIS is the reason we're going?" and not
>worry too much about why that particular reason is the one

OK, I was never assuming we would not go, I see it more as a reality that we
would go, I only have doubts about the date. (2050 seems to near)
I haven't really noticed others thinking different from me. I'm wondering
who gave you that idea...

Greetings Tim