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Re: Engineering Newsletter

Timothy replies to David:

>And while I think everyone agrees this would be a more
>sensible course of action, it's not as inherently
>interesting as a manned mission.  And unmanned
>missions have been designed many times before.  Manned
>missions have only been looked at sporadically.

An unmanned mission has two possibilities, a not very extended survey of TC
using technology of today. Or a more extended survey using the benefits of
complicated AI. But since we don't know how fast AI will develop, we cannot
say a lot of senseful things about it.

>Anyway, remember: this is a thought experiment.  Why
>we are going is not as important as HOW we are going - is
>it possible, and if so, how could it be done?

Yes I know that the how aspect is most important but the reasons for
discussing the WHY-aspect were:

- A one-way trip would be much easier than a two-way trip.
- The purpose of the trip has influence on the kind of crew and the load, which
  in turn may have influence on the design of the ship.
- At the moment we are a bit in an impasse as for propulsion methods.
- We wanted to know where possible fundings could come from.
- Personally I thought it was an interesting question. Certainly while some
  of us don't agree with each other at all.