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Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> >>                      *       LIT "ASIMOV"      *
> >>                      *     Starship Design     *
> >
> >You might have noticed I hate the name Asimov for the ship.  It gives the
> >whole project a grade school feel.  I mean lets be real.  This is a name that
> >would never be acceptable to a real starship project.
> I never liked it much either, I guess the vote was done by passer-by-ers on
> the Web. I can recal that I added the optimistic name 'New Eden' :)
> What did you vote Kelly?

Obviously, the ship can be called anything - that's
the least of the worries.  In the interest of accuracy,
though, here's how the name was decided: (and again,
remember, you guys are doing the work now, if you wish
to rename it, please, by all means...)

There was a two month period in which names were accepted for 
submission, and a one month voting period. Only 15 people
voted. Internet apathy at its best.  First choice got 3 points,
second 2 points, and third 1 point.  While many of the
names on the list are no longer familiar, some of these
people were pretty active at the time, and at least three
were "faculty", whatever that meant.  I can't remember what
I voted for, except I think "Albert Einstein" was one of
my favorites.

People Who Voted:
Jason Patten
Calvin Li
Chris Dolan
Robin Chapman
Scott Dawson
Elisa Derickson
Timothy van der Linden
Eric Moore
Doug Lampert
Jeff Balcerski
Ges Seger
Chad Barb
David Levine
Don Flint
Kellie Miller

Top Four Names:
Asimov          - 13 points
Albert Einstein -  9 points
Intrepid        -  8 points
Enterprise      -  5 points

Last Place:
Bradbury        -  1 point

Raw Data:
Albert Einstein        *********
Ambassador             **
Ancient Mariner        ***
Asimov                 *************
Bradbury               *
Brain of Pooh          **
Brave Endeavour        ***
Brave New World        **
Cassandra's Redemption ***
Challenger             ****
Copernicus             ****
Eagle                  **
Emissary               ***
Enterprise             *****
Far Reach              **
Intrepid               ********
Galileo                ****
Kepler                 ***
Lady Galadril          ****
New Eden               ***
Star Hack              **
Star Tramp             **
Thunder Road           ***
Yamato                 ***