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Engineering Newsletter

>Steve writes:
>>KellySt@aol.com writes:
>> > We could work on a Alpha Centuri flight.  Thats closer to our capacity.

So, let's do something about this. If the fligh time is 15 years we should
be able to trim that to 8 to 10 years some how. 
>>Alpha Centauri is 4.3 lyr away.  Tau Ceti is 10 lyr away.  This
>>is barely any difference as far as interstellar travel goes.  If
>>you can get to Alpha Centauri effectively, you can get to Tau
>>Ceti with no more than about twice the travel time.

AC is 40% of the distance of TC. I'd say that there is more than "barely any
difference". On a galaxtic scale, it's nothing. To humans it makes a big
difference.. Kind of like walking to Denver from Seattle instead of walking
to New York. I know I could probably do it if i had to. I don't even try and
fool myself that I'd want to do that.
Now, is there any thing at AC worth going there for?
>It depends, if you can just reach AC with a fusion engine in 15 years, then
>a round trip to TC would take at least 60 years. Not many would survive that
>trip simply because of age.