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Re: Happy New Year

>What about a mission to Venus? The high temperatures would make it a nice
>Or the outer regions of our solar system, doing it as fast as possible, ie.
>using 1g all the time. The trip would take about 3 weeks.
>We could of course stay on Earth and look for a way to easely go to the
>bottom of the oceans. A submarine that isn't limited by 300 or 1000 metres
>of depth.

>> 3 weeks? what speed would you be traveling at? I don't
>> have the real figure but aren't our present space craft 
>> traveling at 10's of thousands of miles a minute?

More like 20 - 30 thousand MPH.  Far too slow to cover solar systems
distences quickly.  But we do know of much better systems.

We could work on a Alpha Centuri flight.  Thats closer to our capacity.

Oh, as far as cabin space.  Its going to need to be big because of the need
for a large diameter centrafuge, and because the crew will need a lot of room
to keep from going stire crazy!