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possible LIT site.

Ok, I have 10 Meg of Web space, I don't have a forms capability yet, but 
I imagine that if I had a legitamate reason for needing it, then it would 
be granted (and maybe some more disk space to boot.)  let me know if This 
would work, so I can get started on the begging asa soon as possible.  If 
you want, you can get everything but the forms stuff right now, my only 
limit is 10 megs.  Perhaps now would be the time to talk about paying our 
way.  I would be willing to part with $20.00 (US) per year to see this 
continue.  (of course getting the web space for free is better, but if we 
are paying our own way, then we'd have the right to expect it to be up, 
or complain if it was not)  I am just throwing the $20 figure out as my 
personal resistance point.  beyond that, i don't think i could afford 
it.  I'm just a poor college student!  ideally, the webspace cost should 
be split as many ways as we can, and those who contribute get nothing 
more than name recognition (and maybe the right to put a link on the LIT 
web page -- Hmm.... Kinda like advertising.  no, scratch that.  A lot 
like advertising) maybe we could approach various aerospace companies and 
get them to help defray the cost, they could then put links to their web 
pages.  A few tens of megabytes of webspace shoud not be that expensive, 
I've seen quotes in various magazines from $30 (US) for 10 MB on up.  I 
would think that for as little as $100 a year, we could have a very nice 
website with lots and lots of room.  Counting heads that i see here 
often, (no pressure, I'm just thinking out loud) me, Dave, Kelly, Ric, 
Timothy, Steve.  That's 6 people who contribute regularly, would bring 
the price down to $16.67 each.  the more people who help, the less each 
of us would have to pay.