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Re: Engineering Newsletter

>>If your planing to send yourself to somewhere you can't really live at, and
>>can't come back from, its suicide.  If you propose sending others there its
>>murder; and no western government or major group would be allowed to launch
>>such a mission.
>It's just how you want to see it. Confing the crew to 15 years living in a
>spaceship is bad enough. Giving them another 15 years may be even worse.
>Probably most people would fail the psychological test only for this reason.
>Imagine 15 years in the same environment, always busy with the same kind of
>job, then finally you find a 10 whole planets to build new things. Would
>they really like to go back? Would it really be such a crime to let those
>people stay there and try to make a living? Even if it are all rotten
>planets (which is doubtful) it probably would be better to be there than to
>be in that stinking old spaceship for another 15 years

In system travel should give us a good idea of how well people adapt to
space travel.  A few missions of longer and longer duration to near and then
farther planets would help to see the adaptiveness of humans to prolonged
space flight. By the time we sent some folks to Titan and back we could
refine the problem and work on means to sidestep these.
>If we aren't planning on staying there, why go there? If it's just to
>investigate it may be better to send unmanned probes. (That would be a task
>for AI)

I agree to this.
>So TC is out?

So it would seem.

>>As indeed many suggested once you start living on Mars or Moon, you can't go
>back to Earth easely. Maybe we should look for a low gravity object (a
>moon), work on the ground and sleep in orbiting space stations with
>artificial Earth-gravity. Or we should build massive spinning buildings that
>create 1g.

We are going to have to establish a solarsystem based society before we
would be able to convince anyone of the need to go anywhere else.


PS:  A Happy Holiday and a Happy New Years to you all.  :-)
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