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Re: Summarry of the momentum wars and idea.

On Mon, 27 Nov 1995, Steve VanDevender wrote:

> Kevin C. Houston writes:
>  > the "momentum" happens every second, so it's actually an acelleration.
> That won't get you out of conservation of momentum.  The system
> must change momentum per unit time to equal the amount of
> momentum added per unit time.
>  > many structures (static tho they be) resist continuous acceleration all 
>  > the time by providing opposing compressive or tensile forces
> The opposing forces are some finite amount of energy that is
> loaded into the system once.  Once the structure is loaded it
> does not absorb any more energy.
> If a static structure had to dissipate energy continuously to
> remain standing, where would such energy come from?  Why doesn't
> your house fall down?  Where are the batteries?

The energy is coming from the gravitational attraction of the earth.  It is
disapated as heat in the structure of the house.  In a structure under heavy
loads (too heavy) you can feel the heat in the structure.

Kelly Starks