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Re: Engineering Newsletter

To:  all

I just got a meassage from David saying that he is working hard on 
restoring the newsletters. I don't know if he sent the same message to 
everyone else or not, so i thought I'd pass this on.

BTW,  has anyone kept all copies of the Mini-LIT newsletter to put in the 
archives?  I must admit I have not.

And, Brian has written me saying that he no longer wants to get seven 
messages a day.  I wasn't sure how long the current situation would 
continue, so I wasn't sure how to respond to this message.

So what about it brian?  You want us to delete your name from the cc: 
field, or do you want to hang around until the newsletter gets restored?

please reply to everyone, so that we all know your wishes.


PS  anyone else who wants to get deleted needs to respond here also.  I 
am not the "keeper" of the newsletter, I am only one person talking to my 
friends over the internet.  like all internet activities, this is a true