Course Outline Math 394 at LA (Lawrence) 166

Fall 05                                                                               Assignment #1 Ch 0: 36, Ch 1: pp16-17:  1, 3 

                                                                                        “Now Prove This” 1-1 & 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5

                                                                                           pp 42-44: 6, 11

                                                                                           pp 62-63: 1,2, 3,4, 5,6,7

Shlomo Libeskind, Fenton 321,   Web page:

Assignment #1 due, Tuesday Oct 4


Evaluation                     2   Midterms (200points each)   Friday Oct 21 and Friday Nov 25.

                                        Take Home Exam given on Wed Nov 30; due Friday Dec 2

                                         Homework  200 points

                                         Quizzes and special assignments 200 points

Homework                       Will be collected as announced.

            Office Hours                    M, W, F  12:30- 1:30 MWF and by appointment.


   Textbooks:          (1) Textbook that I am writing will be available through the bookstore.

                                (2) “Rethinking Proof” paperback for Skatchpad activities

                                (3) GeometerSkatchpad  software

We will cover at least 4 chapters from my textbook: Congruence & Parallel Postulate,

The Circle, Area and the Pythagorean theorem, Similarity.

Homework and tests will emphasize explanations and proofs. You will be required to write solutions in a clear and well-written form.  Homework assignments should be treated like essays.  Your first version may not be presentable.  You will therefore need to reread what you wrote and rewrite so that your final version is extremely well written (with correct sentence structure, grammar and punctuation.) Some people have illegible handwriting.  If your handwriting is not clear your homework should be typed.  If homework  is not treated with great respect as described above, it will be returned with zero credit.

            Because of the size of this class late homework will not be accepted.  In case of documented illness, check with me.

     Certain problems will be designated as “do them on your own”.  On these problems collaboration with others and even hints from others will not be allowed.  On other problems you may collaborate with classmates.   On some problems you will be required to collaborate.   When you do so, and you are actually ready to write the solutions, write them on your own without looking at someone else’s solution.  If my grader or I see that a solution was ‘copied’, the entire homework of that student and the collaborator will earn zero credit.  From time to time you will be asked to read another person’s proofs or solutions.  These assignments will be clearly designated as such.  You will have to comment on each other’s presentations: clarity of writing and validity of solutions or proofs.  You will then be graded for your solutions as well as for your comments.   One lowest score will be dropped

     People often ask how much time will they have to spend on a course in order to do well.  The answer depends on your background and mathematical ability. It is not unusual for students to spend 15 hours per week and more on this course (in addition to the 4 hours in lectures).  You will be responsible for all the proofs done in class and of course for homework problems.  Knowing the Course material:

What does it mean to know the course material?  After each lecture you should reread the notes you took as well as the corresponding material in the text.  Then with the notes and the text closed write the proofs of all the theorems as well as solutions to problems introduced in class.  If you needed help or collaborated on homework with other people, be sure that you can also solve all the problems without looking at your or anybody else’s notes.

Deadline                       Last day to:

October 2:          Drop this course (100% refund, no W recorded)

October 3:          Drop this course (75% refund, no W recorded)

October 5:          Add this course

October 9:          Withdraw from this course (75% refund, W recorded)

October 16:         Withdraw from this course (50% refund, W recorded)

October 23:         Withdraw from this course (25% refund, W recorded)

November 13:      Withdraw from this course (0% refund, W recorded