Sergio G. Koreisha

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    "Using Least Squares to Generate Forecasts in Regressions with Serial Correlation," (2008) Journal Time Series Analysis (with Yue Fang).

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    Applied Time Series Analysis for Forecasting, Graduate School of Management, University of Oregon (225 pages).

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    German, French, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish; also in The New York Times Best Seller List).

    The Integration of Transfer Functions with Econometric Modeling (unpublished dissertation) Harvard University, 1980.

    Refereed Articles in Books and Proceedings

    "Dealing with Serial Correlation," (2006) in Statistical Analysis: A Festschrift for Tarmo Pukkila, edited by S. Puntanen and E. Liski, University of Tampere Press (with Yue Fang).

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    Several Business Cases.

    In Review

    With Yue Fang, "Efficient Estimation and Inference for Linear Models with Serial Correlation," The Annals of Statistics.

    With Yongli Zhang, "Adaptive Order Determination for Constructing Time Series Forecasting Models," Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods.


    • "Evaluating the Validity of Inferences When Both Heteroscedasticity and Autocorrelation Are Present," (with Yue Fang).

    • "Should You Trust Tests of Significance in Econometric Models Based on Asymptotically Consistent Methods?" (with Yue Fang).

    • "Estimation and Forecasting of Regression Models with Misspecified ARCH-GARCH Models," (with Yue Fang).

    • "Trends and Temporal Aggregation in Macroeconomic Time Series," (with Yue Fang).