Decision Sciences Department

The Charles Lundquist College of Business


Eugene, OREGON 97403-1208 USA

Telephone: (541)-346-3377; Fax: (541)-346-3341

The Department of Decision Sciences is committed to excellence in teaching and research in the fields of statistics and production and operations management. Our curriculum is designed for students who want to prepare a career in applied statistics or management science or a management career with strong emphasis in these areas. We are also actively seeking to expand our teaching and research domains into the field of management information systems. Next year we are planning to recruit two new faculty members to develop graduate and undergraduate courses in this high demand, fast growing field.

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We are recruiting for MIS Positions for Fall 2002. We also have an opening in Production and Operations Management .

Chuck Lillis donates $12 million to help finance new building complex.

The Department of Decision Sciences is located in 300 Gilbert Hall.

Our Department Head is Sergio Koreisha.

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