Social/Personality Brown Bag

All talks at noon in the Hill Center (178 Straub) unless otherwise noted

Spring Term, 2001

4/4/01 Chuck Tate Knowledge Structures and Counterfactual Thinking
4/18/01 Holly Arrow & Katie Burns TBA
5/2/01 Sarah Nelson
5/16/01 Leaf Van Boven, UBC
3/07/01 Francesco Foroni

Other speakers of note this term at the U of O:

4/23 - Bella DePaulo, UVa, visiting professor at UC Santa Barbara
"In Search of the Human Lie Detector"
3:30; Straub Hall 146 (co-sponsored by the Department of Psychology and the Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences)

5/7 - John Gottman, U of Washington
"The Secrets of Laughter in the Midst of Conflict"
3:30, 175 Law School (Leona Tyler lecture)

5/21 - John Tooby
3:30; Straub Hall 146 (Institute of Cognitive & Decision Sciences speaker)

Please contact Sara Hodges (346-4919, ) if you would like to speak in the brown bag or you have questions about the schedule.

Previous Terms' Speakers:
Winter Term, 2001
Lew Goldberg & Gerard Saucier
The Big Five and its Alternatives: A Review of Lexical Research across a Dozen Languages Lew Goldberg's house, 6:30
1/24/01 Ellen Peters TBA
2/07/01 No meeting
2/21/01 Jennifer Berdahl
3/07/01 Chuck Tate Counterfactual Alignability

Fall Term, 2000
Party!! Holly Arrow's house, 6:30
10/11/00 Bertram Malle Intentionality and Theory of Mind
10/25/00 Bertram Malle Intentionality and T.o.M, Part II
11/8/00 Rebecca Brand Sex Differences in the Inhibition of Attraction
11/22/00 Tom Givon What do job interviews really tell us?

Other speakers of note this term at the U of O:

Oct 9, 2000, 3:30, 146 Straub - Jamie Pennebaker, University of Texas: Explorations into Language and Health

Spring Term, 2000
Mick Rothbart & Tiffany Lewis The Oregon Marching Band: A Case Study in Intergroup Perception
4/19/00 Gerard Saucier TBA
5/3/00 Andreas Gloeckner Understanding versus calculation: The consistency maximizing heuristic in memory based decision making
5/10/00 ** NOTE alternate date David Evans A structural model of temperament
5/17/00 Carolyn Weisz, Univ of Puget Sound Explaining away stereotypes: Can attributions for counter stereotypic behavior increase generalization?
Other speakers of note this term at the U of O:

May 8, 2000, 3:30, 146 Straub - George Loewenstein, Carnegie Mellon

Winter Term, 2000
Note diff. time
Beginning of term discussion at Lew Goldberg's house, time TBA
1/19/00 Article Discussion Fredrickson, Roberts, Noll, Quinn, & Twenge (1998). J. of Personality and Social Psychology, v. 75, pp. 269-284.
2/2/00 Grant Procurement
2/16/00 Sara Hodges Feature Matching in Typicality Judgments
3/1/00 Sherrie Brunell-Neuleib & Sarah Nelson Responsibility and Use of Narrative in a Legal Paradigm

Fall Term, 1999
Note diff. day, time
Beginning of term gathering at Gerard Saucier's house, time TBA
10/20/99 Ting Chang, UO A Discussion of Group Attribution Process in a Cross Cultural Setting
11/3/99 Eileen Zurbriggen, UO Social Motives and Cognitive Power/Sex Associations: Predictors of Aggressive Sexual Behavior
11/17/99 Andreas Gloeckner, University of Heidelberg & UO Fast, Frugal and Exhaustive: A Parallel Processing Apprach to Human Decision-Making
12/1/99 Bertram Malle, UO On How to Appear Rational: Impression Management and Behavior Explanations

Spring Term, 1999
Note diff. day, time
Beginning of term meeting at Holly Arrow's house, 7:30 pm Discussion of Keysar, B., Barr, D. J., & Horton, W. S. (1998). The egocentric bias of language use: Insights from a processing approach. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 7, 46-50.
4/14/99 Roundtable on conference opportunities, including NEW SPSP conference in 2000!
4/28/99 Discussion of Jim Sherman's work
5/12/99 Nancy Grote, Reed College Perceiving Unfairness in the Family: Cause and/or Consequence of Marital Distress?
5/26/99 Patty Bruininks, U of O Defining and Measuring Hope
Other Social/Personality Speakers at the U of O:

April 19, 1999, 3:30, 146 Straub - Bill Ickes
(Methodology workshop at 12:00 in 156 Straub)

May 10, 1999, 3:30, 146 Straub - Jim Sherman

Winter 1999
1/6/99 Diego Fernandez-Duque, U of O The Automatic Effect of Valence in a Go-No Go Task
1/20/99 Sherrie Brunell-Neulieb, U of O What Makes a Good Story in Jury Decision Making?
2/3/99 Gale Pearce, U of O Unrealistic Optimism in Women's Risk Assessments for Sexual Assault
2/17/99 Sarah Nelson, U of O Explaining Intentional Actions: Do explanations reflect views of agency and responsibility?
3/3/99 Bertram Malle, U of O Attention to Behavioral Events During Social Interaction: An Actor-Observer Gap and Attempts to Bridge It

Fall 1998
9/30/98 **special time - 5:30 pm Welcome gathering at Mick Rothbart's
10/14/98 Kristi Klein, U of O Empathy & Experience 
10/28/98 Jason Newsom, PSU Social & Personality Factors Affecting Negative Reactions to Caregiving Assistance
11/11/98 Lew Goldberg, U of O, ORI The Comparative Validity of Different Personality Inventories 
12/1/98, 7:30 pm Special gathering at Lew Goldberg's house Discussion of Gilbert et al. article on affective forecasting; copies available outside Straub 331